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Having Influence without Positional Authority

One of the challenges in the act of providing shepherd care is influencing change without wielding great or any organizational, positional line-authority. Many times I am in a situation where there are clearly systemic or personnel dynamics at play that … Continue reading

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Who is Your Flock?

Shepherding is core to member care. One of the better metaphors I have heard of late is that of the “member care tree”. This tree has shepherding as its roots, the main trunk is “member care” with the main branches … Continue reading

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Why Sabbath is to be Taken Seriously for Vocational Holiness

Sabbath, like our entire walk with God, is an act of faith. By faith, we cease and desist from work for one day. The word shabbat does not mean rest, it means cease. And sabbath is absolutely essential for vocational holiness. This … Continue reading

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