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Why are We So Tired?

WordPress provides detailed statistics on this blog’s activity. This site has had over 34,000 views. Amidst all this traffic there is one blog topic that stands amongst them all in total views: Exhaustion. I have written on the subject twice. … Continue reading

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Implications of Spiritual Formation for Shepherd Care

In the last entry I defined spiritual formation as: Spiritual formation is the ongoing process of the Holy Spirit drawing us deeper into the love and life of the Father and Son; which shapes us into Jesus’ image of love … Continue reading

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The Provisional Gift of Limitations

The God of Limits It is a truth that our infinite God made finitude such an essential aspect of all creation. Rivers flow where God deigns them and they flow to oceans that are bounded by land. Our atmosphere eventually … Continue reading

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5 Themes: Theme #2 Total Exhaustion

Weariness Weariness is what I am seeing in so many colleagues. A chronic weariness. As we serve others, we will certainly tire . But is chronic weariness a proper, Christ-like way to live and serve? We know better than to … Continue reading

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What I would Tell My Younger Self

Hindsight is  a wonderful gift.  I have reflected on what I would have done differently in my younger years. Actually, it is not so much what I would have done, but more how I would have lived. Here’s my list: … Continue reading

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Five Themes Facilitating Ill Health and Ineffectiveness Amongst Global Workers: Theme #4 Identity Attached to Role and Performance

This is the fourth in a series of five themes on dynamics that facilitate ill health and ineffectiveness amongst global workers. Here is the original list and links to read on the first three themes: 1. Spiritual Anemia (read hear) 2. Holistic Exhaustion … Continue reading

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