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Resource: His Word Abiding

Unbeknownst to me when I wrote last week’s blog, our pastor’s sermon this past Sunday was from Luke 24:25–27 (Emmaus Road story) on the role of Scripture in our knowing Jesus. It is fascinating that the post-resurrected Jesus’ response to … Continue reading

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Spirituality of Abiding: His Word Abiding in Us

Abiding: the act of dwelling, companioning, remaining. This is language of lingering in time, space, and place. A spirituality of abiding is what we are after. It’s inherently relational. The first essential invitation from Jesus is abiding in him. The … Continue reading

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A Spirituality of Abiding

Abiding is not a value held in esteem in our current culture of rush to get someplace and get stuff done. “Keep things moving along” is the general sentiment. Relationship does not grow in the currents of rush. Abiding is … Continue reading

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