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5 Themes: Addressing Spiritual Thinness

(This is one of a five part serious on responding to thematic issues affecting member care provider’s and cross-cultural worker’s health and effectiveness. You can read the intro.) This much is true in creation: Input must exceed output. Consider a farmer’s … Continue reading

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Revisiting 5 Themes of Ill Health Amongst Global Workers

A couple of years ago I posted five entries on five themes I saw consistently amongst global workers that cause or lead to ill health and ineffectiveness. Some of these entries are the most read on this sight. Below is the list of … Continue reading

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2016 Reads List

Annually I write up a brief review of books I have read. Attached is this year’s version. I have also included a “top-five” of the most influential titles in my life from recent years. I would love to hear from … Continue reading

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