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Why You Need a Clear Job Description

Four Essentials for a Staff Person’s Success There are four essential elements for a staff person’s success: A clearly defined role (job description) Regular feedback (annual review) Missional clarity (what the individual or team is to be about) Executive empowerment (delegated authority to … Continue reading

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Theme #5: Lack of Permission for Personal Development and Care

(This is one of a five part series on responding to thematic issues affecting member care providers and cross-cultural worker’s health and effectiveness. You can read the intro.) Some Assumptions I bring into this topic an assumption. That assumption is that God’s … Continue reading

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Resource: A Family Debriefing Option

Here is another debriefing option for yourself, your family or others you know. Contact information is at bottom.   Interlude – A Debriefing Retreat for Global Workers Upcoming Dates and Locations June 13 – 16, 2017 – Noblesville, Indiana USA … Continue reading

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