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Moralism v. Spiritual Practices

“We cannot equate moral formation with spiritual formation….Spiritual formation is not synonymous with virtue or character development. While it includes these, they are not the heart of the matter….the heart of the matter and the all-encompassing and defining vision [is] … Continue reading

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Generosity in Giving of Oneself

On Generosity Last weekend I was a guest speaker at a church which was in the midst of a series on the hallmarks of their spiritual community. Generosity, of which I taught on, is one of those identified hallmarks for this … Continue reading

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Spiritual Direction: Is it Legit?

 What’s Up with Spiritual Direction? There are some in Evangelical circles who hold the practice of spiritual direction at arms length. “Is it even biblical?”, one might ask. Is this just another buzz topic from the prevalent “spiritual formation” movement? Or is … Continue reading

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Five Themes Facilitating Ill Health and Ineffectiveness Amongst Global Workers: Theme #1 Spiritual Anemia

© Scott E. Shaum 2014 The next 5 posts will address one of 5 themes I am seeing on a very consistent basis that lead to ill health (emotional, spiritual, relational, physical, etc.) and ineffectiveness. These themes are restricted to the … Continue reading

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What Did Jesus Want us to Learn of Him?

©Scott E. Shaum 2014 Latin: With God, Peace Matthew 11:28-30 is a well know passage. It is Jesus’ invitation to take on an easy yoke and a light burden, to learn of him.  “Come to me, all you who are weary and … Continue reading

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How Personal Risk Deeply Reflects God’s Nature

© Scott E. Shaum 2014 Was it worth it? In 2005 I had been in remote Cambodia providing some much needed pastoral care and counsel to a multi-national church planting team. The small city where they were working clung to … Continue reading

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