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Naming Losses to Grieve Losses

A Loss of Friends In August, within a week of each other, I attended two memorial services in different parts of the country for two friends. One loss was the sudden jolt of a 54 year old friend dying suddenly of … Continue reading

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Member Care Orientation: A “Fire Prevention” Leaning

A Common Theme When I engage organizational leaders and the subject of “member care” comes up, I often ask them what they mean by that phrase. Usually I hear some variation of “member care is what is applied when people … Continue reading

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Figuring Life Out Gives Me a Headache, and a Heartache

Serious Research I have been doing an informal survey. It’s easy, you can do it too. Watch for all the times you and others around you make the following statement: “I have to figure this out…..” Listen for it. It can … Continue reading

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Intentional Character Formation

[This builds on two previous posts: 1. here and  2. here.] The Gift of a Mirror Many years ago I was confronted by a co-worker. She came into my office to ask me something. Before she could get to her question, she very … Continue reading

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