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The Provisional Gift of Limitations

The God of Limits It is a truth that our infinite God made finitude such an essential aspect of all creation. Rivers flow where God deigns them and they flow to oceans that are bounded by land. Our atmosphere eventually … Continue reading

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Is Your Organization Healthy?

I have job security because, in part, there is a lack of organizational health. That is a loud statement. It is not an exaggeration that the majority, by a wide margin, of hurts I interface with at a personal level … Continue reading

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Theme #5: Lack of Permission for Personal Development and Care

(This is one of a five part series on responding to thematic issues affecting member care providers and cross-cultural worker’s health and effectiveness. You can read the intro.) Some Assumptions I bring into this topic an assumption. That assumption is that God’s … Continue reading

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What I would Tell My Younger Self

Hindsight is  a wonderful gift.  I have reflected on what I would have done differently in my younger years. Actually, it is not so much what I would have done, but more how I would have lived. Here’s my list: … Continue reading

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