Mastery And Mystery

We seek competency and proficiency in many areas of our lives. That is good and proper stewardship of what God has graced us with in life. As caregivers, it behooves us to provide as excellent of care as we can.

We feel most comfortable discussing and pursuing mastery. Mystery, though, is another reality IMG_0785.JPGaltogether…

Its the mysteries in life that undo us.

Mysteries are the life circumstances in which we often feel stuck, confused, and undone. We cry out to God for relief and nothing seems to change. Even the Apostle Paul experienced God saying “no” to him when he cried out for help (see 2 Corinthians 12 for example).

Tolerance for Mystery
God seeks to grow us in our tolerance for mystery. As we grow in tolerance for mystery, we actually become more competent in our mastery. However,  we often, sometimes unknowingly, ignore and hide the broken places in our lives; those places that undo us.

How is God growing your tolerance for mystery? How might this growth impact your mastery of journeying with others well?

At the annual Mental Health and Missions Conference (November 2017. See for information)  I addressed this paradoxical dynamic we find ourselves in. You can listen to it in its entirety.

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts and responses.

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9 Responses to Mastery And Mystery

  1. kayevershodges says:

    Good words to think about Scott. Thank you for sharing.

    Kay Hodges Operations 605-362-1165


  2. pauljhudson says:

    Reblogged this on Heal the brokenhearted and commented:
    Scott spoke to us at the annual Mental Health and Missions conference in Indiana last month. As health professionals we live in the tension between mastery and mystery, and he helps us live there with his story of grace.


  3. pkedwards2014 says:

    looking forward to listening ….. just nice to hear our voice.

    And the book!!! Hope you are having a sense of awwwwwwwe — in God and yourself — with it “out there!”




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  5. dave106 says:

    Finally got a chance to listen. It will take me far more time to digest it than it did to listen to it. One of my biggest mysteries: Why did God choose me of all people to be a shepherd? I am growing more comfortable all the time not knowing the answer to that even as the unspeakable privilege sinks ever deeper into my soul. Thanks for setting the bar so high, my friend!


    • Scott S says:

      Hey Dave – Always kind of you to chime in. Yes, why me doesn’t seem to go very far in nearly any category of life. As I experience you as a shepherd, I’d say your calling is a simple, kind expression of his overflowing goodness – to you and to others. Walk on! SS


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