Shepherd’s Shout Out: The Journal Of Spiritual Formation and Soul Care


 The Journal of Spiritual Formation and Soul Care is put out by Biola/Talbot. It is a peer-reviewed, twice-per-year journal with some theological weight to it. It is a bit pricey for a one year subscription ($30), but I have found it an excellent resource that has sharpened my thinking and teaching biblically and theologically on the subject at hand as well as guide me in my personal journey.

Individual volumes can be purchased. I would highly recommend Spring 2014 (Vol. 7, No. 1) and the special section on The Practice of Contemplative Prayer in an Evangelical Context. This is Biblically wonderful writing. With all the buzz on contemplative spirituality out there, these articles provide biblical grounding and guidance for contemplative practices.

Check it out at

Do you have an excellent resource you want to share? Shout it out on a comment. Thanks for passing it along for others to see. I am always looking for good reads and resources.

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2 Responses to Shepherd’s Shout Out: The Journal Of Spiritual Formation and Soul Care

  1. John Adams says:

    ? Keep the shouts coming, dear sir! We need them! Especially to the British or we Commonwealth types related thereto, if someone says ‘ it’s my shout ‘ we have our glass of bee …ooopps… diet coke paid for by the shouter. So, be sure to contextualize your ‘shouts’ so we don’t get confused or led astray! 🙂 “Be ye being filled with the Spirit” also comes to mind. There, that sounds much more spiritual, right?

    John A.



    • Scott S says:

      My Dear Brother John, thank you for the hardy British contextualization. On the other side of the pond “shout out” is to give attention to or draw attention to someone or something else. Therefore, in this case, I am seeking to draw attention to a resource. Sorry, I can’t send you a beer or any other liquids via this technology…..

      Thanks for chiming in (did I use that one properly?),



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