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2018 Reads List

Here is an annual reads list I share. I trust you will find something to stimulate your on-going learning. Please, please send me titles you have read of late that you found worth the time. Thanks! Keep growing in Christ! … Continue reading

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…and just a Pinch of Disruption

Essential Elements of Spiritual Growth At a recent training I attended the group was asked to list six essential ingredients of spiritual formation. That is an intriguing question. What would you list? My Six The Triune God of Love Revelation … Continue reading

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Recognizing God’s Presence in Our Suffering

The Following is an excerpt from The Uninvited Companion: God’s Shaping us in His Love Through Life’s Adversities  © 2017 Scott E. Shaum pp. 113, 116-117.   The book is available from Amazon.com in print and Kindle versions. Earlier in this book, I … Continue reading

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Helpful Reads on Listening and Rest

Here are two titles I am finding of interest that provide some thoughtful insight. The Listening Life: Embracing Attentiveness in a World of Distractions by Adam S. McHugh My initial approach to this book was a bit guarded: how much would … Continue reading

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Spiritual Direction: Is it Legit?

 What’s Up with Spiritual Direction? There are some in Evangelical circles who hold the practice of spiritual direction at arms length. “Is it even biblical?”, one might ask. Is this just another buzz topic from the prevalent “spiritual formation” movement? Or is … Continue reading

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Why Sabbath is to be Taken Seriously for Vocational Holiness

Sabbath, like our entire walk with God, is an act of faith. By faith, we cease and desist from work for one day. The word shabbat does not mean rest, it means cease. And sabbath is absolutely essential for vocational holiness. This … Continue reading

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What is the Primary Aim of Spiritual Formation?

Spiritual formation is the buzzword these days. And I am all for it. Yet, when I speak with others I hear all sorts of descriptors of what formation is to be about. Let’s ponder this for a moment. In short, spiritual … Continue reading

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Five Themes Facilitating Ill Health and Ineffectiveness Amongst Global Workers: Theme #4 Identity Attached to Role and Performance

This is the fourth in a series of five themes on dynamics that facilitate ill health and ineffectiveness amongst global workers. Here is the original list and links to read on the first three themes: 1. Spiritual Anemia (read hear) 2. Holistic Exhaustion … Continue reading

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