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Suffering as Part of Vocation

Suffering ≠ Punishment In the stiff winds of a painful experience, a normal  human response is to wonder what we did wrong. Often behind this is a punitive perspective to personal pain – we messed up and now we are … Continue reading

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Unshepherded Shepherds Beware

We are sheep first, shepherds second. Sheep who are unwilling to be shepherded can get lost. Lost sheep make for poor shepherds. Let’s put that another way. Debriefers who do not seek out being debriefed are not the best debriefers. … Continue reading

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…and just a Pinch of Disruption

Essential Elements of Spiritual Growth At a recent training I attended the group was asked to list six essential ingredients of spiritual formation. That is an intriguing question. What would you list? My Six The Triune God of Love Revelation … Continue reading

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Prayer Agendas: God’s or Mine

Lately, I have been pondering spiritual development stages. Critical Journey by Hagberg and Guelich and Mansions of the Heart by Ashbrook have been two main resources. Prayer Time Agendas Prayer is diagnostic to growth. In other words, time abiding with … Continue reading

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