Is Your Spirituality Sufficient for Your Vocation?

This is a weighty question.

I gleaned this question from Eugene Peterson in a statement he makes in the introduction to his book Under the Unpredictable Plant.

Let’s break it down.

Spirituality is the ways we intentionally respond to God’s presence and activity in our lives. God always initiates. We always respond. When I take time to pray, I am not initiating relationship with God. I am responding to his presence and wooing in my life.

What is the state of your spiritual life? What are your regular practices? How are your responding to God’s pursuit of you?

Sufficient doesn’t mean good enough, rather more like robust enough.IMG_9055

I am learning that the further I get on this journey, the deeper he invites me into communion with him. And the deeper he invite me in, the less my past spirituality suffices.

Vocation does not merely mean one’s job or career. Our English word “vocation” comes from the Latin vocare. I am no Latin guru but my understanding of the word is more akin to “calling.”  Our vocation encompasses all of our lives.

For example, here is my vocation
: I am an adopted son of the Triune God, a husband, a father, a friend, a shepherd-teacher – and I hold various roles along the way.

As I mature in my true identity, my life responses will dynamically mature as well. Well, neither of those elements – my identity nor my responses – automatically mature. That is why this question deserves some lengthy pondering. Otherwise we age without maturing. We can become older and NOT wiser.

Thus, is how I am responding to God’s invitations into deeper communion with him sufficient to that invitation as it is lived out in the breadth and depth of who he has created and is redeeming me to be?

Is your spirituality sufficient for your vocation?

How would you like to reflect upon that?

How is God inviting you to experiment with some new responses to him in life?

Remember, part of our response to God is sacrificial service to others. This is also a key aspect of our response to God, of becoming matured.

Is your spirituality sufficient for your vocation?

I’d love to hear what God is showing you in this stage of your life.

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5 Responses to Is Your Spirituality Sufficient for Your Vocation?

  1. Maureen says:

    Hmmmm…I honestly DO know the answer to that question and realize just lately one of the key reasons (giving you my answer here) for my lack is I that fail to asks questions…then I hit a wall, thinking He doesn’t have anything to say to me!


    • Scott S says:

      Maureen – that is truly a perceptive response. A well phrased question is a true gift, for it grants us a new perspective to think in. One great question is more helpful that 5 “how to’s” that someone else learned from their life experience. Thanks for sharing you insight! SS


  2. Lori says:

    Scott!! Your words are pressing and challenging me to ask new questions. A significant shift is taking place…a deeper place of responding vs waiting. How am I living into singleness vs waiting for it it end? How are my daily practices aligned with this? How am I serving others in this process? Am I trusting the Lord in all of this? Really trusting? I feel like I am walking circles at the bottom of the canyon with these questions…..but it is a new canyon…and there is great hope in this for me.

    I am still having lots of fun spreading the word about your book. 🙂


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