Lively Interview on The Uninvited Companion with Sarita Hartz

Sarita Hartz has a sharp mind and heart and has seen some of the tough side of life in the Kingdom. She graciously approached me about an interview related to my book. Her questions are thoughtful, provoking, and laced with experience of her own hard-earned hurts serving others.

Please check out the interview and her stellar blog.

Suffering, The Uninvited Companion: A Scott Shaum Interview

suffering shapes us

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2 Responses to Lively Interview on The Uninvited Companion with Sarita Hartz

  1. saritahartz says:

    Scott, it was such a pleasure to interview you. You have such wisdom borne of your own grappling in your journey. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of what God’s doing in your life. I look forward to more collaborations. 🙂


    • Scott S says:

      Thanks Sarita. Well done on the interview. I too look forward to some more collaborations. Please let me know how I can be of encouragement to you. Well done. ss


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