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Implications of Spiritual Formation for Shepherd Care

In the last entry I defined spiritual formation as: Spiritual formation is the ongoing process of the Holy Spirit drawing us deeper into the love and life of the Father and Son; which shapes us into Jesus’ image of love … Continue reading

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What is Spiritual Formation?

Despite common usage, the phrase “spiritual formation” has wide variance in what it exactly refers to. Common Concepts “Transformed into Jesus’ likeness” is one prevalent understanding. But what does that mean? If I am growing in the “image of Jesus,” … Continue reading

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Revised Spiritual Reflection Tool

Refection is a wise life practice. Busyness undermines reflection. Without pausing, we do not grow in wisdom that God can teach us through life. Taking time to examen our lives gives God space to catch our attention. A Revised Spiritual … Continue reading

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Looking for a Fall Retreat?

There is going to be an encouraging gathering at the Y of the Rockies in Estes Park, CO in October to reflect on the topic of “Rooted and Grounded in God’s Love: A Leader’s Journey.” VantagePoint3 always puts on deep, meaningful … Continue reading

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A Moveable Feast

Relearning some crucial lessons in the area of personal intimacy with Jesus. I have a spirituality that is quite sufficient when I am home. The space from others and stable routine allows for a steady rhythm. But on the road, … Continue reading

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Can I Believe Him If I Cannot See Him?

Is faith in an unseen Jesus possible? I mean, all those people in the Gospels saw Jesus, were fed miraculous bread by him, touched the hem of his cloak and were healed. Can we believe in this one named Jesus … Continue reading

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Suffering as Part of Vocation

Suffering ≠ Punishment In the stiff winds of a painful experience, a normal  human response is to wonder what we did wrong. Often behind this is a punitive perspective to personal pain – we messed up and now we are … Continue reading

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Unshepherded Shepherds Beware

We are sheep first, shepherds second. Sheep who are unwilling to be shepherded can get lost. Lost sheep make for poor shepherds. Let’s put that another way. Debriefers who do not seek out being debriefed are not the best debriefers. … Continue reading

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