Addressing a Huge Gap and the Primary Reason for Pastoral Care

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Michael Reeves Delighting in the Trinity is one of those if-you-have-a-pulse-you-gotta-read-this-book reads. It is the most significant book I have read in the past 5 years or so. Reeves is a British historical theologian which may sound like the stuff of boredom and you will be pleasantly surprised. Reeves writes of deep and neglected truths in an endearing, engaging, witty manner. I have read and reread portions of this book so many times I have lost count. It costs a pittance for your Kindle. Buy it. Ingest it. It is essential reading for your walk with God and for how you care for others. This is not a book about pastoral ministry. But its ramifications are profound on the work of shepherds. Why? Let me throw this out which I will build upon in other entries:

We do not shepherd others for effectiveness nor productivity nor for maturation nor personal well-being. These are all corollary dynamics that are desirable for sure. However, we shepherd for one primary reason, one alone. That purpose is to facilitate the Spirit’s work in the other’s life to be aware and attentive and responsive to the constant invitation to join the eternal communion that is the Father and the Son. Period. It is all about relationship – God with us and our response to God in turn. If we care for others for any other primary objective – no matter how good or biblical, then we miss a crucial element of the shepherding work.

Be encouraged to obtain this book and allow it to address your own walk with the Father and the Son. Shepherding ramifications will follow. And if you have or do read it, please comment on it.

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  1. I am reading this book now.


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