Revised Spiritual Reflection Tool

Refection is a wise life practice.

Busyness undermines reflection. Without pausing, we do not grow in wisdom that God can teach us through life. Taking time to examen our lives gives God space to catch our attention.

A Revised Spiritual Reflection Tool
Over the years numerous people  have expressed appreciation for this tool. I thought it might be time to circle back around and polish it up a bit.

In general, older versions of my writings lean toward being self-directed rather than Trinitarian/God directed in orientation.  As God has continued to teach me his Way I have been shown over and over how utterly dependent I am on Him from beginning to end. This is, of course the gospel. There is still too much spiritual self-help in our evangelical consumeristic mindset and practices.

I went back through this document and cleaned up some of the verbiage and questions. This tool might be a good place to start, but obviously it is not thorough in all areas of life. Feel free to adapt it as is best for your life circumstances.

I encourage you to discard any older versions of this tool and utilize this revised version. Feel free to pass it along – use it with your family or team or organization. Thanks for giving credit to the source.

As always, feedback is most welcome.

Spiritual Life Inventory

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2 Responses to Revised Spiritual Reflection Tool

  1. Jason Ingle says:

    Thanks for this Scott!

    Trust that y’all are doing well!




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