A Shepherd’s Shout Out!

A Shout Out is an occasional drawing attention to a resource worthy of looking into.

Potter’s Inn is offering amazing services to people from all over the world in the form of soul care. Check out their website for a complete list of their offerings. Steve and Gwen Smith and the entire team are wondrous shepherd’s of others souls.

I’d especially like to draw your attention to their Soul Care Institute. PI is describing this as “a two to three year informational and formational experience dedicated to training, renewing and educating men and women who are vocationally involved in the care of people.  The first two years of the Institute will focus on the foundational principles of soul care, while the third year will include the option to pursue training in one of the following four tracks: Member Care, Senior Leadership, Spiritual Direction or Para-church.”

Check it out. The first cohort begins Fall 2015.

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