New Bible Study Resource

Crossway has just come out with a new format of what they call Scripture Journal Bibles. They have (or soon will) release each book of the Bible individually.  On the left is well spaced Scripture text, on the right is a page for study notes, teaching notes, etc.
So for example, here is a screen-shot of the Book of John:
Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 6.31.18 AM
If you have some particular books that have been core to your faith journey, these little Scripture journals can be an ideal way to really dig into the text with plenty of room to write out your notes and add to them over the years.
As an application, I was thinking that in one of my organization’s in-house trainings we study the Gospel of John closely. This would be a great format to give to each attendee to record notes for future reference.  These are nice walk-away resources or gifts for retreats and training events.
You may think of similar ideas for your study, retreats, teaching, etc
This is only done in ESV by Crossway – fans of ESV will like this, others maybe not so much….And they are not cheap if one were to buy each book of the Bible. John costs $5.95. Longer books, like Psalms, will be more expensive.  I plan to just get a few of select Scripture books I want to study deeply next year.
They are available on Amazon.
Keep making time to dig into the Word my friends.
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  1. pkedwards2014 says:

    thank you Brother Scott for sharing this …..

    enjoyed knowing where you are and a bit about what you and Beth are up to….




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