New Podcast Resource on Resilience

Antioch Church in Waco, TX (USA) has begun a new podcast around the topic of resilience for field workers. Here is their description:

Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 6.28.35 AM“Have you ever wondered what keeps some missionaries on the field for ages? Is it stubbornness or is there more? Researchers are discovering that certain clusters of qualities together make some people more resilient than others. “Resiliency” is a Member Care podcast that takes a dive into the world of grit and stretch-ability to help us better understand and grow in our ability to go through difficulties and come out on the other side better and stronger. Join co-hosts Silas West and Steve Findley in their conversations about resiliency with experts, field workers and those who support them.”

They have two podcasts released with more on the slate. I was interviewed on the topic of personal suffering for the series second episode. You can listen to any of the episodes on either Apple podcasts or Spotify.

Silas West  and Steve Findley are putting out an exciting and encouraging resource. Please pass this onto your networks, particularly those on the frontlines globally.



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3 Responses to New Podcast Resource on Resilience

  1. Frauke Schaefer says:

    Excited you did a Podcast. Signed up to Spotify to listen to these podcasts. This is certainly one way forward to reach millennial missionaries. Can’t wait to find the time!

    Frauke Schaefer Global Worker Consultations Barnabas International Tel (919) 357-7204 Skype Frauke.Schaefer


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