2022 Reads List

Aren’t books wonderful? I love the feel of a new book in hand. I have growing stacks all over the house. Some I find I tuck into again and again.

Attached is my 2022 reads list.

Please feel free to share this list with anyone.

Please share you favorite reads of late – any genre!

Read on friends, Scott

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4 Responses to 2022 Reads List

  1. robloane says:

    Scott- this is so good every year. 



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  2. Schwarz, Stephanie says:

    Hi Scott,

    Love this list and will be perusing the suggestions in the coming months.

    Suggestion – double check the spelling of John Mark Comer. It is mentioned with errors twice in the pdf preview. A little fiddly but worth correcting I think.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and reflections on each book. Much appreciate your discipline to read, capture impressions and share with us!

    In Christ,


    [5044ef0f-1057-8d5d-94a9-9d7897dd94a1%3ft=1599469677969] Stephanie Schwarz Resilience Consultant SIM International, People Development and Care Team http://www.sim.org http://www.sim.org 

    Please use this link to book a time with me ~ https://calendly.com/stephanie-schwarz/meeting-with-steph-schwarz (Check that you have selected your current local time-zone, so that you can see the available times in your local time.)


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