Shepherd’s Shout Out: PTM Conference

200 Care Givers Gathered outside Asheville, NC USA
Last week I had the privilege to gather with a little over 200 fellow caregivers at the annual PTM conference. I have attended many of the member care events (MHM, MC2,  Care Connexion, GMCN, etc.). There is not another member care event like this one.

For one, the conference goes out of its way to provide extensive time for the nourishment and care of the care giver. Every year there is great worship (Marc Imboden!), Bible teaching, time for meaningful conversation, and reflection. Of course, engaging workshops and networking abound. This year there were over 100 first time attendees, with roughly 1/3 of them new in the member care gig.

Mark it on your calendar. This is a worthy investment of time and money.

See you there! October 4-7, 2016

From the PTM Web Site:

2015 Conference

Why Attend the PTM Conference?

Do you find your role as a care-giver to cross-cultural workers hard to explain to others? Are you weary in your role in member care? Are there ways in which you are challenged in your care-giving role and long for some personal perspective and encouragement? If so, PTM is a conference for you. At PTM, we “get” each other – with little explanation.  Our hearts beat for caring His sent ones, so being with others of like mind and heart..

See details of 2015 Conference.

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2 Responses to Shepherd’s Shout Out: PTM Conference

  1. Lianne Glemboski says:

    It was AWESOME! And thank you, Scott, for your words from the Lord. It was timely, convicting, and encouraging.


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