Resource: Facing Danger


Facing Danger: A Guide through Risk  By Anna E. Hampton

This brand new release is a fantastic resource for the fluid international landscape we live and work in. Anna Hampton utilizes years of experience from living in Afghanistan and another Central Asian country to provide a guide book for risk assessment, risk management, and cultivating resiliency in difficult locations.

The reality is, the unreached places in the world are also some of the most volatile. As the church spreads into these areas the enemy will react violently. It will take men, woman and families with great courage, wisdom, and know-how to live and serve well in these resistant locations. Facing Danger is an essential resource to guide organizations, teams, and individuals through the complex dynamics of these realities.  It is well worth your investment.

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2 Responses to Resource: Facing Danger

  1. Steve says:

    Thanks for indicating this book. In seeing a student return from an Asian country after about a year on the field, it struck me how seminary education and even missions preparedness didn’t make her immune from the deep cultural, physical and psychological challenges to be faced. I recall mentioning how we need a better theology of suffering. I looked at this book on and decided to purchase it. I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise. As one trying to better prepare for member care, thanks so much!


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