A Global Uninvited Companion

None of us sought out this unprecedented uninvited companion to rock our worlds like it has. Yet here we are. What are the lasting effects in your personal journey from this global pandemic?

What is God Up to in These Days of Uncertainty?
God is up to good. He always is. He redeems the worst that a fallen world throws at us. As we allow him to show us how to respond well to him and life’s circumstances during seasons of adversity, he draws us deeper into his love, life and wisdom. In his wise hands, our sufferings have deep, transformative impact on us. We become carriers of God’s loving presence to others in their adversities.

I wrote The Uninvited Companion: God Shaping Us in His Love through Life’s Adversities  to guide one in reflecting on God’s loving, redemptive activity in season’s of prolonged hardship. Wilderness experiences – those times of isolation, uncertainty, and loss – are laced with formative presence of the Spirit.


For a short time, the book’s price has been reduced on Amazon, both in print and Kindle form.

Print $13.50 now $9.99

Kindle $8.50 now $4.99

Each chapter has reflective questions that guide the reader in attentiveness to God’s loving activity.

Please feel free to pass this on to others.

May the Lord continue to grace you with awareness of his presence and care in these days of our global uninvited companion.

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