Summer Reads

Here are some of the books I’ve been enjoying these summer months, that I highly recommend!

What have you been reading? Thanks!

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5 Responses to Summer Reads

  1. Thanks, Scott.
    I’ve read Red Sea Spies, the story of how the Israeli Mossad helped thousands of Ethiopian Jewish refugees escape to Israel.

    And, Out of the Silent Planet, the first of C. S. Lewis’ space trilogy. I had’t read it since 1973. It’s great and I look forward to the next two, again.


  2. Saving this post! These look really good.


  3. Sue Takamoto says:

    I just finished an amazing story that weaves together the faith journey of the Japanese military leader who led the attack on Pearl Harbor with the story of an American POW and a missionary It was amazing. Called Wounded Tiger.


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